The PGI Lemon from Siracusa Route

The PGI Lemon from Siracusa Route starts from a lemon grove in Siracusa, place of origin of the PGI Lemon of Siracusa, to know and appreciate the characteristics and flavour of this extraordinary citrus.

The tour continues with a visit to Siracusa, the most big and beautiful Greek colony in Sicily, the city that made famous the east coast of the island. The archaeological park of the Neapolis, part of the Unesco heritage, includes the Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre, the Heaven Latomie and the Ear of Dionisio. You can call Siracusa a treasure chest and its best jewel is certainly Ortigia: a splendid islet that mounts among others gems the white Cathedral and the Aretusa Fountain.

The tour includes a visit to Noto, capital of the Sicilian Baroque. The city is called a rock garden, the monumental architecture made of magnificent buildings and structures and it was quite rightly declared part of the Unesco heritage as a whole. The Noto Baroque is a complex system of elegant curves, floral plots and weaves, perspectives, palaces and garden, capitals and puttos that decorate facades churches and monasteries and give an impressive picture of the ancient Sicilian nobility.

On the territory of the PGI Lemon from Siracusa are the Cavagrande of the Cassibile River natural reserve, the Vendicari animal reserve and Marzamemi, a suggestive marine hamlet.


  • Visit to a citrus grove in an agricultural farm
  • Tasting and visit to a laboratory for the preparation of PGI Lemon from Siracusa based liqueurs or sweets
  • Visit to citruses processing warehouse (depending on the period of the year and on requirements of the visitor)
  • Cooking class on PGI Lemon from Siracusa products
  • Guided tour to Siracusa, Noto, Marzamemi and boat trip to the islet of Ortigia
  • Tasting of local products and microbrew flavored with PGI Lemon from Siracusa
  • Excursion to Cavagrande of Cassibile River natural reserve and Vendicari animal reserve

The PGI Lemon from Siracusa is a citrus of the botanical species Citrus Limon L. Burm, cultivar Femminello and its clones in the kinds: Primofiore, Bianchetto or Molino (Spring lemon) and Verdello (Summer lemon).

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