The Late Tangerine from Ciaculli Route

The Late Tangerine from Ciaculli Route starts from an agricultural farm located in Ciaculli, a country district in the municipality of Palermo, the regional county seat of Sicily, notorious for its history and culture, its archaeology and the multimillennial gastronomic traditions.

The itinerary includes also a stopover to the Maredolce-La Favara Castle, in the cultivated plain of Conca d’Oro, surrounding the city and filled with tangerine groves. The tour continues to Monreale and then inside the core of Sicily, to discover the Ficuzza Park, then it ends in Palazzo Adriano, the hamlets where the masterpiece Nuovo Cinema Paradiso was set.


  • Visit to a citrus grove in an agricultural farm in Ciaculli
  • Tasting and visit to a Late Tangerine from Ciaculli based marmalades and liqueurs
  • Visit to a citrus production warehouse (depending on the period of the year and requirements of the visitor)
  • Cooking class on Late Tangerine from Ciaculli based products
  • Relax on the Mondello beach (in late Spring or Summer)
  • Guided tour in Parlermo and Monreale (with the Turistic Cooperative Terradamare, Palermo)
  • Visit to Favara Maredolce
  • Visit Bosco della Ficuzza and hunting lodge
  • Visit to Palazzo Adriano
  • Visit to the Biodiversity Garden
  • Excursion on the Sicani Mounts

The Late Tangerine from Ciaculli, as all citruses is rich in vitamin C, well known for its antioxidant and immune system reinforcing activities; its peculiarity is the high presence of vitamin B1 and B2, appetite enhancing and growth promoters. They improve breathing, digestion, suit the nervous system treatments.

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