The PDO Orange from Ribera Route

The PDO Orange from Ribera Route is an itinerary through the south-western part of Sicily.

The Route starts from Sciacca, a brightly-colored city full of Moorish art influences with rooted seafaring traditions. Left the town, the visit continues to a young citruses farm, to discover the quality characteristics of the PDO Orange from Ribera, then through the Verdura River Valley to Ribera, the place of origin of the variety Navel Riberella.

The tour crosses the Platani River Spring natural reserve towards Realmonte, including a stopover at the majestic limestone rock wall overlooking the sea called Th Turkish Ladder. Along the way is Porto Empedocle, birthplace of the renowed author Andrea Camilleri; the tour contues to Agrigento and the Kolymbretra Garden, the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) citruses grove, whitin the Valley of the Temples.

The route ends with an excursion to the Sicani Mounts, on the trail of King Kokalos, to discover and experience the traditions and rural culture of the place and a visit to Palazzo Adriano, the appealing inland hamlet chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore as a flim set for his famous “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”.


  • Visit to an orange grove into an agricultural farm in Sciacca
  • Tasting of fresh-squeezed PDO oranges from Ribera
  • Visit to a citruses processing warehouse (depending on the period of the year and on requirements of the visitor)
  • Cooking class on DOP Orange from Ribera based products
  • Guided tour and picnic in Kolymbetra Garden
  • Excursion to the Platani River Spring natural reserve (with Missilcassin and/or Michele Termine Tourist association)
  • Excursion to Sicani Mounts (with Val di Karm – Pierfilippo Spoto)
  • Visit to the locations of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

The Protected Designation of Origin identify the authenticity of a specific production that hase to take place in a determined geographic area, characterized by specific features observed, certified and recorded by appraisal.

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