The Etna Lemon Route

The Etna Lemon Route brings the visitor to the discovery of the Ionian Etna territory. Up in to the hill on the Gulf of Catania it starts from the volcanic caves in the intergral natural reserve called “Complesso Immacolatelle e Micio Conti“.

The coast is not far from the reserve and the tour continues in the Marine Protected Area of the Cyclops Islands, place of origin of the myths of Ulysses and Polyphemus. The Cyclops Islands includes the notorious Faraglioni on the coast of Acitrezza, the hamlet where the author Giovanni Verga set the heroes of the novel “I Malavoglia”.

If you love walking in nature and culture, Acireale is the best place for you. The elegant downtown kisses the oriented natural reserve La Timpa, where the “Chiazzette” (literally little spots) lead to the marine hamlet Santa Maria La Scala.

The tour continues through the marine villages of Santa Tecla, Stazzo and Pozzillo, crossing the core of the lemon coastline, dominated by “A Muntagna”, the Etna volcano.

Crossed the Fiumefreddo Reserve with its marvelous pebbly beaches, the tour ends on the Alcantara River, to adminre the impressive Gorges that embraces it. (Source: Rural Box Association)


  • Visit to a citrus grove in an agricultural farm
  • Tasting and visit to a Etna lemon granita preparation laboratory
  • Visit to a citrus processing warehouse (depending on the period of the year and requirements of the visitor)
  • Cooking class on Etna lemon based products
  • Guided visit to Acitrezza and Acireale
  • Boat trip on Cyclops Riviera (in Summer)
  • Snorkeling in Stazzo (in Summer)sull’Etna
  • Visit to the Silvestri craters on Etna volcano
  • Italian language class for foreigners on the Etna Lemon Route

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