PDO Orange from Ribera – In-depht informations

The Protected Designation of Origin identify the authenticity of a specific production that hase to take place in a determined geographic area, characterized by specific features observed, certified and recorded by appraisal.

The PDO Orange from Ribera (or Riberella) growing extends in the territories of 14 municipalities of the province of Agrigento. Its yearly production starts with the Navelina variety, in the first ten days of November, and continues in December until May with the varieties Brasiliano and Washington Navel. The Orange from Ribera has clear pulp and no seeds. It is high in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, mineral salts and sugars. Its nutrients are well balanced, easy assimilable and digestible. A single orange cover out the dayly value in vitamin C, the anti-oxidant that better contribute to the strenghtening of the immune system. It is commonly consumed fresh as fruit or squeezed juice. It is reccomendable in appetizer or main dishes preparations or in digestif preparation. It enriches salads, sweets and desserts and can be consumed all day long due to its high digestibility.


Excellent orange growings in the Vallata river valley are historically documented from the beginning of the XIX century. The same documents describe the territory as extremely rich, crossed by very soft freshwater streams that gives marvellous fruits exported even in America.


The denomitation “Orange from Ribera” is exclusive of the productions originated by the varieties:

  • Brasiliano and its clones Common Brasiliano and Healed Brasiliano;
  • Washington Navel, Common Washington Navel, Healed Washington Navel, 3033 Washington Navel;
  • Navelina and its clones Common Navelina, Healed Navelina and ISA 315 Navelina

Production area

The PDO Orange from Ribera grows alongside the Verdura, Magazzolo, Platani and Carboj rivers and includes the territories of 13 municipalities of the province of Agrigento and a municipality in the province of Palermo.

Appearence and flavour

The PDO Orange from Ribera has spheric-ellipsoidal shape; it is easily recognizable for the distinctive internal navel, more pronounced in the Brasiliano and Washington Navel varieties. The colour of the skin is deep orange and tend to become redish in the late Winter. The pulp is clear and sugary, its texture is very delicate, it dissolves in the mouth and leaves few membrane remains.


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